Crystal Encrusted Seascapes

These crystal encrusted seascapes are my latest works. They will be on display in the heart of the Berkshires Valentine’s Day through Memorial Day at Laurie Donovan Designs at 81 Church St., Lenox, MA 01201. img_9494img_9495img_9498img_9493img_9490img_9488img_9485img_9483img_9481img_9479img_9437img_9435


Here is an update on my latest work. I’m creating a 20′ white lily as part of my installation! Each petal is made of 30′ of fabric sewn together by hand, dyed, and after being dipped in Polycrylic sculpted into it’s shape. This process takes about a week per petal. Why the white lily? Flowers represent different moods and events. The white lily represents purity and grief. Due to the political environment and the loss many of us are experiencing, this lily is big enough to not be ignored and speaks of the magnitude of the sense of loss we feel. This segment of my thesis installation requires foresight, in depth planning, and calculations. Stay tuned for updates of this artistic project.

“White Lily”

Abstraction is Reality

The Lily Project
The motion projected onto the surface of gigantic floral sculptures is symbolic of the physical daily inscribed prescriptions imposed on our emotional lives. Many times during trauma, grief, or joy, we are expected to navigate our daily activities while keeping our emotions to ourselves. The projection of realistic images on the billowy sculpted impressions of lilies creates an abstraction that evokes an intriguing experiential visual.


Barbara Takenaga at Williams College Museum of Art

Barbara Takenaga encapsulates celestial images through the repetitive application of spheres webbed together with intense laborious painting and additional random splattered patinas creating riveting and mesmerizing works of extraordinary visuals!

My recent trip to the Williams College Museum of Art was a delightful surprise! It is a place that always takes my breath away as I meander through the different galleries.

Please enjoy the images of various paintings I found of Barbara Takenaga’s work and consider taking a trip to the Williams College Museum of Art! You will be so glad you did!! This is a must see in person show!

The Lily Project in Full Bloom!

The Lily Project is an installation that includes large Floral Sculptures, videos of lilies, and abstract up close paintings of lilies in order to create an ultimate alternative interactive experiential environment. Auditory stimulation and aromas are included to saturate the viewer in order to imprint the impression of the experience on all the senses.

My goal is to share these installations in local settings. They lend a feeling of serenity and reflection.

Here are some images of the red, purple, pink and yellow lily Sculptures. Enjoy!


September’s artwork

Please see the work that was influenced by a trip to a lily farm this summer. It is the beginning of a large sculpture and several more. I have found the up-close view of the inner details of the lilies I filmed and photographed to be mesmerizing.

These are photographs of hand dyed burlap that is dipped in Polycrylic and molded over newspaper and plastic. There is a smaller model that is about 1’x 2′ The larger pieces are 5′, 6′, & 7′ x 3.5 or 4′. They are a part of a much larger installation.

My cat thinks this sculpture was designed for him! Lol!


Crystallized Sphere

This crystallized sphere was created by using a store-bought ball with pin wholes in it, burlap stitched around the surface of the ball, and Borax. There will be many more of varying sizes to follow. Here it is displayed on a cake plate pedestal to give a floating effect. It weighs about 15lbs from being crystallized. The process took well over 35 hrs.

Summer 2017 Semester projects

A trip to Dilly Lillies in Huntington, MA was very inspiring and bountiful. I fell in love with some of the splendid species with varied names such as “Space Wars,” “Jedi Free Spirit,” “Elaine Williams,” “Spiritual Oracle,”and “Francis Dean.” Here are a few of my favorite blooms! I will use these for close-up photographs, paintings, sculptures, and videos.