Welcome to Luce Arts!

This site is about art in my world and art in the world around you.

I live in Berkshire County Massachusetts, a mecca of cultural and Fine Arts venues such as Tanglewood, Barrington Stage  Company, The Clark Art Institute, The Colonial Theatre, Berkshire Theatre Festival, Jacobs Pillow, Mass MOCA, and many more.

While working in my own art studio, I simultaneously manage a program called Master Artist Class, a program I developed to enrich cognition through visual arts. Each month we study a different “Master Artist,” such as Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, Matisse, and many others. There is a musical video of the artist’s work, a lecture about their life and curiosities and we then paint a small rendition of the featured artist’s work in order to experience their style of painting. There are aromas such as lavender and lemon diffused into the air, classical music such as Mozart and Beethoven and even a bit of chocolate so that all the senses are stimulated.

I am now attending Lesley University College of Arts and Design to earn an MFA. It has been an exciting few months. I hope to include you on my journey through frequent posts about my personal artwork and experiences in the world of art.

“Beauty is a sign of intelligence.” A quote by Andy Warhol.

DSC_0178White and Gold Relationships 2016


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