My visit to Mass MOCA was specifically to observe the Anselm Kiefer Exhibition in The Hall Art Foundation. At the exhibit I was deeply moved by Kiefer’s expression of the destructive nature of war. His work about the affects of war swept me with emotion and admiration. He was able to capture devastating impressions that influenced a feeling of despair accompanied by an indelible sense of empathy for the people of Germany, France, and the world.

Here I have captured some images from the exhibition. I hope you get the chance to see this truly poetic and powerful exhibit. The magnitude of the work is so gigantic that it is impossible to miss the effects of war on it’s survivors. Here we witness the waves of destruction and rubble left behind due to world War II.

Etroits Sont Les Vaisseaux (Narrow are the Vessels)


Velmir Chelebnikov

Velmir Chelebnikov was a Russian poet and Futurist who used analytical systems and mathematical equations to reveal the progression of history. Kiefer uses this philosophy as the subject of 30 gigantic paintings of the Navy battles at sea. There is a true feel of the darkness of nature in war and the awesome power of the ocean.

Women of the Revolution (Les Femmes De La Revolution)

This exhibit was about the women who fought in the French Revolution with their unwavering courage. Here Anselm represents poets, actresses, musicians, and authors with beds made of steel and lead sheets. There is a gigantic black and white photograph mounted on a sheet of lead as part of the exhibit.

I was truly inspired by the work of Anselm Kiefer and could’ve spent many more hours contemplating his moving works. I feel that I have grown as a result of witnessing this work.


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