Master Artist Class Studies John Singer Sargent

Master Artist Class has studied John Singer Sargent at Sugar Hill, Devonshire Estates and Springside Skilled Care and Rehabilitation Center.

John Singer Sargent was born in 1856 to American parents in Florence, Italy. He spent most of his life traveling extensively throughout Europe as his parents never settled back in America. He went to America to claim his citizenship just before turning  21 years old.

His schooling was in France primarily and heavily influenced by the Impressionist movement, the Spanish Master Velazquez, the Dutch Master Frans Hals, and by Carolus-Duran his professor.

250px-madame_x_madame_pierre_gautreau_john_singer_sargent_1884_unfree_frame_cropIn 1884 in Paris, France he exhibited a painting called Madame X (Virginie Amélie Avegno Gautreau, the wife of a French banker who was an American that prided herself on her looks and was known for her infidelities) that was considered scandalous as she had her shoulders bared and the portrait was considered very risque´. It has been said that the portrait of Madame X was also considered one of Sargent’s finest portraitures.  Up to that event he was the darling of Paris, producing many high quality portraits. He was the finest portraiture artist of the times, however, discouraged by the rejection he considered leaving art at the age of 28. He left Paris and moved to England where he reached the height of his career.

Singer Sargent was an extraordinarily gifted artist and held respect for music and all other forms of art. He went out of his way to promote other artists and for this selfless characteristic was beloved by many.

He was a watercolorist and painted many landscapes and late in his life studied sculpture.

He is often gone unrecognized because he adhered to the classical style of painting rather than following the impressionist movement or creating more radical art, but he was well versed in impressionism and many other forms of painting. He painted from dawn til dusk seven days a week and produced over 900 oil paintings and over 2000 watercolors as well as many charcoal sketches and pencil drawings.

He painted two U.S. presidents, the aristocracy of Europe, Rockefeller, Sears, Vanderbilt, and gypsies, tramps, street children with equal passion.

Others kept journals, John Singer Sargent painted his and his life can easily be chronicled through his colorful paintings. He was never married or had children, but he was simply a good man and great artist.

In our studies at Master Artist Class we studied his legacy with a video of his works, a lecture about his life and painting style and a rendition of one of his works. Please enjoy some paintings by our resident students at Sugar Hill.



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