Impressions from the Ashiwilticook Trail in Berkshire County MA

These works were created through impressions of my time at the Ashiwilticook Bike Path in Berkshire County, MA. It is a glorious peaceful place that often makes me wonder how big government can threaten its beauty through pipelines or with the denial of climate change.

While we enjoy the Ashiwilticook’s  beauty, something is slightly eschew due to these threats. I have great concern for the preservation of the Berkshires natural landmarks, such as the Ashiwilticook  Trail, Kennedy Park, Pleasant Valley, and Canoe Meadows and I hope we always have these gracious bountiful havens.

These sculptures are hand sewn, hand dyed burlap, and crystallized. In real life they shimmer with dazzling crystals.

They are the beginning of an environmental series I intend to create.

They are Titled “By Cheshire Lake I & II.


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